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Welcome to the Sciomyzidae site!

This will become a site to provide sciomyzid researchers (and others) with material such as a directory of researchers working on sciomyzids, a bibliography of Sciomyzidae, world checklists, various articles on sciomyzids, keys to genera, etc.

At present the Directory of Sciomyzid Workers is included in the site but it is only available to registered members of the site who have actually logged in. You will find a link to register to the left of this Welcome message. Please note that the registration will need to be activated before you can log in. Sorry for that inconvenience, but it is to prevent spammers from creating accounts.

Any sciomyzid worker who has material he/she wants to make available through the site should contact Bill Murphy or Paul Beuk. We can also be contacted if you want to have features enabled or expanded to categorise your content (forums, photo albums link sections, etc.).

We hope you will find the site useful.

Bill and Paul

All members, please, note that some of the content is only visible to members of the site who logged in. So you are recommended to log in and tick the box next to the 'Login' button.

Death of Ben Foote

Our colleague, Dr. Benjamin A. Foote, passed away as a result of cancer on Sunday, July 7, in Kent, Ohio. His wife, Anita, and several family members were at his bedside at the time. Only a few weeks ago, Ben published a paper in which he honored Anita by naming a new species of Sciomyzidae after her (Pherbellia anitae Foote).

John Rawlings, Chen Young, and I are preparing a detailed biography of Ben to be published in the near future. If you would like to receive a copy, please let me know.

A celebration of life honoring Ben will be held in Kent on August 2. Sympathy cards may be sent to Anita Foote, 492 Harvey St., Kent, OH 44240-2711 USA, email address

If you have any photographs of Ben, Anita would appreciate receiving copies of them.

Bill Murphy, Fishers, Indiana USA

PS: Here is a first online obituary:

The passing Kaupo Elberg (20 Nov 1934 30 Aug 2012)

Dear Sciomyzidae workers!

I regret to inform you that Dr. Kaupo Elberg passed away on Friday, 30th of August.
In accordance with his wish, public announcements and condolences have not been distributed.

Yours sincerely
Olavi Kurina

Bibliography of Sciomyzidae and Phaeomyiidae (updated version)

The Bibliography of Sciomyzidae and Phaeomyiidae, draft, by Lloyd Knutson, Jean-Claude Vala, Martine Fargier, and William L. Murphy has been updated. The updated vesion is now downloadable for the general public HERE.

Update Directory of Sciomyzid Workers

The Directory of Sciomyzid Workers was last updated on 12 January 2011.

Please, note the Directory is only accessible to those listed in the actual directory, that have an account on this site and are logged in.

Draft: Key to the Nearctic species of Tetanocera

Key to the Nearctic species of Tetanocera. Modified 11/2010 by William L. Murphy from Fisher & Orth (1983), Foote & Keiper (2004), and Steyskal (1959). A work in progress , but it's very useful in its present stage. Bill uses it every day and is refining it little by little. Download it HERE.

Bibliography of Sciomyzidae (draft)

The Bibliography of Sciomyzidae and Phaeomyiidae, draft, by Lloyd Knutson, Jean-Claude Vala, Martine Fargier, and William L. Murphy is now downloadable for the general public. Download it HERE.

Book announcement

Book announcementBiology of Snail-Killing Sciomyzidae Flies by Lloyd Vernon Knutson and Jean-Claude Vala.

Sciomyzidae Site launched

After a few weeks of deliberation and preparation the site was launched! For general Sciomyzid Worker matters, please contact Bill Murphy, for matter more directly related to this website you can contact Paul Beuk. Enjoy!
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